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You can shop at our MART knowing that what you spend will simply be contributing to your growth.


Combining the business acumen of a successful serial entrepreneur, former government official within Economic Development and an angel investor, we can take consulting through the stratosphere. At 927 Consultancy, we develop and implement strategic business solutions bespoke to any current business model.


By compiling Political, Economical, Social, Legal Technological, Legal and Environmental analyses we further overlay other types of analysis that are specific to your business, which in turn creates a much clearer picture of what your market actually looks like. Doing this can enable improvement of the efficiencies in production, which in turn can increase sales and revenue for the business. Also, we can employ a multi-channel approach to marketing campaigns as agents for various forms of media: radio, billboards, buses/trams and various publications.




According to the Office for National Statistics the labour market in the UK for 2019 is on the increase from the previous year. This means that, as businesses, we are looking to recruit more employees that can help us grow after the economic downturn in the last decade. Positively moving forward, we need to invest in the right people to effectively make an impact for the future economy.


From the feedback we receive from our clients that have entered for the Times 100 Best Companies to Work For, circa a third of employees are not engaged at work which means they are not likely to be productive at work. Our opinion is that what has failed here was the recruitment process, something we take extremely seriously. The key difference between us and every other 9 to 5 recruitment company is that we spend time in your business and consult with you at a high strategic level so that we can successfully find the strongest candidate for the position – not just throw a number of CV’s at you.



Partnering with an award-winning Training Provider, as well as delivering coaching, training and development courses ourselves, we combine the benefits of recognised structured learning with tailored innovative techniques to actively engage results driven performances. We can take graduates to greatness, adults to apprenticeships.

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